Amedeo's  Catering  @  Jeffersonville  Golf  Club       

We fill your Breads with Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast

and Roast Beef, Tavern Ham, Grilled Chicken, 

Breaded Chicken Filet, Homemade Chicken and Tuna Salads

Vegetarian and Vegan Options Upon Request

Includes Chips, Condiments, and Paper Products

~  Sandwich Sensations  ~‚Äč

Sandwich Bread Options:

Hoagies, Kaisers, Mini, Croissants, and Wraps

Cold Lunch Buffet

$13.99 pp

Two Homemade Salad Choices:

Garden, Caesar, Spring Mix, Mediterranean add $0.75

Red Bliss Potato, Tortellini,  Vegetable Pasta,

Macaroni, and Cole Slaw